Abby is a senior mare in her 20's.  She is likely a Standardbred/Morgan cross.  She was originally used by the Amish as a buggy horse, but was taken in by a family when she was 3-4 years old and spent her whole life with them.  She was never a fan of being bridled or saddled, and you can see the scars on her back from poorly fitting harness.  Her family occasionally rode her around the yard with halter and leads, but mostly just fed her apples as a pet.  Abby is a companion only.  She is gentle and friendly, but will forget her manners at times.  She gets along with other horses, respects fences, and is not a hard keeper. She is insulin resistant and has a history of laminitis, so needs to be kept off spring pasture or use a grazing muzzle to limit grass intake.