Callie was part of a cruelty case about 7 years ago with another shelter.  She was seized with a small herd of horses and had a 1 week old foal by her side. No history was known about her at that time. Recently, we were asked to assist in rehoming her since she could benefit from our training program, so she was transferred to BAHR in Jan 2021.

Callie is now estimated to be about 16 years old, she is a Paint mare about 15 hh.  She was very fearful years ago, but patience and kind hands have gained trust and now she is a gentle girl who just needs some reassurance sometimes.  She has begun her training with us and is doing very well so far.  We are optimistic that she will take to eing saddle trained, perhaps she was at one time and is just rusty, who knows????

Callie has no physical limitations or special health needs.  She has good ground manners and is current on all health care.


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