Flora is an arabian mare, born around 2006, who stands about 14.2 hh.  She came to us in September 2020 when attending a local horse auction.  The manager approached us, saying this horse was consigned but he felt she was not fit to be sold.  He purchased her from the seller instead, and asked us to accept her for rehabilitation.  He had an offer was from a local dealer who said he could sell her to the zoo for lion food.  Of course we could not walk away and brought home a very thin, lame and sad little mare who we knew nothing about.

6 weeks later and Flora bloomed as we had hoped.  With only food, care and love, she attained her optimum weight and health.  Veterinary inspection has revealed some soundness concerns with her left hind leg that leads us to offer her to a companion only home.  She is comfortable and pasture sound, but we do not feel that riding her would be advised.  Flora is shy at first and takes some time to warm up, but she is quiet and gentle to handle with those she trusts.  She can be bossy with others, so needs to be friends with horses who can stand up for themselves in the pasture, she requires no special health care.

If you would like to offer Flora a companion home as a pet, pasture buddy or lawnmower, please contact us for more information!