Herschel is a 15 year old draft cross gelding who stands abut 15.2 hh.  He was originally a product of the PMU industry and was adopted by his family when he was young.  He was trained and ridden by his family on the trails and around the farm, but was never formally trained in any discipline.  

Herschel is currently going through some basic training with Hanna, as he has had quite a bit of time off.  He can be pushy on the ground and can get possessive of his pasture mates.  He also can be quite loveable and enjoys attention and grooming.  He was definitely a pet all his life and now has to learn a whole new set of rules!

Herschel is a very easy keeper and has no special health needs.  He has one hind ankle that we suspect has some arthritis, as it can get sore at times.  He also has a scar on the other hind leg, which does not seem to bother him at all.  He would be best suited as a project horse for a rider with some experience to get the respect he needs to have.