Jack is a sturdy, 14.2 hh registered Paint gelding.  He spent many years as a trail and ranch horse from out west, but most recently has been a well loved companion and pet.  An unfortunate health crisis caused his surrender by owner, and we are determined to find him another wonderful home to stay.  

Jack can be opinionated and likes to move right along, so while he has no vices or bad behaviors, we do not recommend him for a total novice. He is a total love-bug and adores attention.  At this time he is herd bound to his buddies and we are working to resolve the issue. He has no special needs, is an easy keeper and gets along well with other horses.

Two days after Jack arrived, he strained a tendon in his right front leg while playing in the pasture.  He has been seen by our vet and no permanent damage has been done, however, he is currently on restricted turnout for a few weeks and cannot be ridden.  He should fully recover and return to being a reliable trail/ranch type horse.

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