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Lance and Baloo


Lance and Baloo are best friends and we are hoping to keep them together in their next home.  They can be apart without excessive drama so Lance can be ridden, but they really are so happy living together so the best situation would be home that could be committed to the care for both.

Lance is a 19 year old Belgian/ Paint X gelding, he stands about 16 hh.  He has been ridden primarily english with experience in foxhunting, trail riding and some basic dressage work in the arena.  He willingly jumps up to about 2', but at this stage in his life, he should be limited from bigger jumps. He can be sensitive, so prefers n intermediate level rider with quiet hands and seat.  He also can get pushy on the ground, so best to have a confident handler to keep him in line.  That said, he has no vices and is a total lovebug.  He will come running when you call, trailers, ties, bathes, ect.  He has no special health concerns, but is not in current work, and does best ridden regularly.

Baloo is a 24 year old, 15.2 hh Thoroughbred gelding.  Previously in life, he had a short, unsuccessful career as a racehorse, after which he was trained as a polo pony.  He was known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy polo mounts in Western NY, a true favorite. He went on as a 4H mount in english and western, tried some barrel racing, hunter pacing, he was up to try anything.  Sadly, Baloo suffered an injury in a fence to one hoof, which never healed well enough and he is pasture sound only.  He will give a child pony rides at a walk and he does enjoy a gallop across the pasture on occasion, but cannot hold up to being ridden regularly.  He wears front shoes to give his injured hoof support.  Baloo will crib when kept in a stall, but is not destructive.  

Can you open your barn to give both Lance and Baloo a forever home?  They are total lovebugs that have always known good care and now are finding themselves soon homeless.  They are currently fostered with the last owners and will be adopted from that location.  They are not housed at the BAHR facility.  If interested in meeting them, we will put you in contact to set up an appointment.  All BAHR adoption protocol applies.

ADOPTION FEE: $700. for both horses.

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