Nacho Libre


Nacho is a 5 year old, 32" Miniature horse gelding.  He is a dark bay with a perfect star on his forehead. Nacho had a rough start with a lack of training and a botched gelding procedure, which left him still a stallion when he came to us not long ago.  His behavior was dangerous and aggressive, toward people and other horses.  Now that his medical needs have been addressed and he has been shown the rules in life, he is actually very sweet and friendly!  He shows no aggression to people now, picks up his feet for the farrier, stands for the vet nicely, and is currently turned out with other geldings, one big, one small!

We still do not advise Nacho to be placed with a novice family or with small children, as he is young, energetic, and will need continuing training. Nacho has unlimited potential as a show horse or fun loving pet!  He is currently started ground driving in harness, has worked on some obstacles and jumps.