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Oscar is a standard donkey gelding who stands about 11.2 hh.  He is about 4 years old.  Oscar is a very personable guy who absolutely loves attention.  He will let people groom him everywhere, touch his ears and pick up his feet.  Like most donkeys, he may forget how to lead if going somewhere that is not his choice, but mostly he is also very easy to lead.  Oscar is used to living with a group of horses, he has also been around chickens, goats and cows.  He has no special health needs and no vices.

Oscar is protective of his herd and takes his job seriously, as with all donkeys and mules, the possibility of dog aggression is real.  Oscar has not shown us any indication that he is aggressive with dogs, but we do not let any in his pasture.  Oscar is a loving pet and would enjoys a family farm of his own.  Donkeys cannot happily live alone, so he must have a hooved companion.


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