Pongo and Perdita


Pongo  is a 14.2 hh leopard appaloosa gelding who is about 16 years old and Perdita is a 13.2 hh POA mare who is about 14 years old.  They came to us as an owner surrender from a neglectful situation.  Luckily both horses are easy keepers, so they were in good weight, but had received no veterinary care for many years.  Poor Perdita was suffering from bilateral glaucoma and had lost all vision in both eyes.  They were very painful and swollen.  Pongo had become Perdita's eyes and is ever faithfully by her side.

After veterinary evaluation, weeks of medication and special care, it was deemed that Perdita would not regain any eyesight and would need to be on constant meds to try to reduce her pain.  She also was at risk daily or further injuring her eyes because she had no sight and bumped into things constantly.  It was decided the best chance of a good quality of life for her was to remove both eyes.  

Surgery is scheduled for Perdita at the end of September.  Pongo will accompany her to the vet hospital for support and comfort.  They share a stall and he helps to keep her calm in new situations.  Both are sweet and easy to handle and work on, so we know they will come through this well!

After Perdita recovers from her surgery, these two will be available for adoption TOGETHER.  We assume both were trained to ride at one time, as they are very well mannered and respectful.  However, we have not evaluated Pongo for riding.  This may be possible in the future.  At this time, we are adopting them as a beautiful set of lawnmowers and pasture decor.

*UPDATE* Perdita recovered perfectly from her surgery and is so much happier with no pain. She did however, test with slightly elevated ACTH levels, which indicated early Cushings disease.  She is now on a small amount of Prascend daily to control her levels. Otherwise, both horses are doing great and ready to find the perfect home!