Rojo came to us in July 2020 and it appeared that he has had quite an adventure of a life so far!  He is a 2011 chestnut TB gelding, Majestic Guy (JC), who stands 16.3hh.  He is the biggest lapdog you could want, who adores baths and playing in the hose!  
Rojo was retired from racing in 2017 with bone chips in both knees.  He does show evidence of arthritis already in those knees and is on joint supplements for support. However, after a resting period, he was sound for walk/trot and his kind demeanor led him to a job as a walk/trot lesson horse and for walking trail rides.  That did not last long, when twice he was chased through a wire fence, causing damage to both hind legs.  The last injury was in Dec. 2019 and was not given proper veterinary care, so he came to us 7 months later needing serious help.  

Rojo will always have soundness issues and time will tell if we can support and heal him enough to return to walk/trot riding.  If not, he will be the biggest cuddle-bug of a companion horse you will find!  He is a cribber when confined too long, and he likes the companionship of a friend when turned out, but he has no other vices.
*UPDATE* August 2020
Rojo has had veterinary treatment for his neglected leg injury and it is now healing very well.  We are optimistic that the wound will close completely, it just will take time.  Rojo is a great eater, so he is gaining weight and condition.  He is available for adoption to the right home that can continue his care and is willing to accommodate his special needs in the future.

*UPDATE* January 2021

Rojo's leg has healed amazingly well, all proud flesh is gone and the wound has closed at last!  He will always have scars, but he gallops bucking around his pasture in the most majestic manner!!!  He is ready to be someone's pet and companion, is there room in your heart and home?

*UPDATE* July 2021

Rojo's hind legs are doing very well, his scars are becoming less all the time.  However, the arthritis in his knees is becoming more evident.  He is now on a daily anti inflammatory to help him out.  We are not recommending Rojo go to a riding home, although he is pasture sound.

*UPDATE* December 2021

Rojo's hind leg scars are completely closed and require no additional care.  He is on daily Equioxx to manage the arthritis in his knees, but he enjoys a regular romp around the pasture and kicking up his heels!  Rojo so deserves a home of his own.