Shasa is an unregistered Morgan mare standing about 14.2 hh.  She is a senior lady, but don't tell her that!  Shasa has been well known throughout the Genesee Valley being ridden by a multitude of pony clubbers in everything from events, shows, PC rallies, the GVH races, and the GV Fox Hunt, She is a game little girl who loves adventure and action!  She has been used for lessons for young riders and is polite and mannerly in the ring, but on the trail or over jumps she likes to take the lead and go!  For this reason she is not a trail horse for a novice rider, even in her golden years.  She also is said to be trained to drive and has a wonderful road trot! Shasa is still sound and healthy with no special needs.  She has had some time off, so will need proper conditioning to go back to work and should not be expected to work as hard as she once did.