Shoshone is a 43″ donkey jennet born in 1997.  She is very gentle, although a bit shy with new people.  She will lead with persuasion, pick up feet with patience, and is used to being turned out with other donkeys, sheep and goats.  Shoney can get food aggressive to the other animals, but is gentle with people.  She has no special needs, just a family of her own!

*UPDATE* December 2017

Shoney has become much more personable, likes attention from humans and has become quite good at leading now!  She still takes some wrestling to get the hind feet trimmed, but that should keep improving with practice.  We have found her to be very protective of her space towards dogs, she does not like them!  But she is always good with people, kids, ect.  Because Shoney came to us extremely overweight and is now in good weight, we do not advise her being turned out on unlimited pasture in the summer to prevent weight gain and possible founder.

*UPDATE* April 2019

Shoney has moved to a wonderful foster home!  She is still available for adoption; appointments to meet her can be made by contacting us and we will let you talk to the foster family.