You may be familiar with the BAHR entry to the 2020 Rescued to Stardom competition, Willie Nelson.  He was a 14 year old Morgan gelding who's owner was tragically killed in an accident. He and his simiarly unsocialized pasturemates were left homeless with a poor outlook on the future.  Our trainer, Hanna Blain, chose him as our first entry to this event, put in the 90 days of work and returned from PA a champion!  That's right, they won the entire competition! Because of those efforts, Willie found his forever home and his future safety is secure.

We are ready to start a new journey with this 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding named Holy Smoke.  Smoke was born on the farm of an elderly gentleman who no longer could physically train horses.  He socialized the horse, but eventually found he could not even get to the barn to care for him.  Smoke has never seen anything but his shed, his paddock, and his person.  Just taking the trailer ride to the foster farm turned his whole world upside down and everything was so scarey!  He was too terrified to even set foot in the barn!  Hanna began training on December 1 and has 90 days to develop an in hand and a ridden freestyle performances to demonstrate in front of thousands at the Horse World Expo March 3-6, 2022.

The cost of this competition will not come from the working accounts of Begin Again Horse Rescue.  Instead, we ask that you donate to fund this expense and become a part of Holy Smoke's success!  The board and care has been donated by Bristol Valley Training Center, the training is done by Hanna Blain in her personal time, not on the BAHR payroll.  You can be a part of the team by becoming a sponsor at whatever level you are comfortable.  If you have a product or service that you think would help Smoke achieve success, let us know and you can become a product sponsor! Please read through the following form and consider helping make the future bright for this special horse!

DEADLINE TO SPONSOR IS FEBRUARY 7th to get named on printed material!


Holy Smoke had an exciting and tumultuous experience at the 2022 Horse World Expo!  He handled the travel very well, the stabling and arenas took some getting used to, and the competition was a bit much for his sensitive nature.  He did the best he could at the time, Hanna's patience and kindness paid off, in that he tried very hard to please in spite of the fact that he was obviously overwhelmed by the hundreds of cheering fans and the loudspeaker.  We were pleased to return with a 5th place overall finish and know that Smoke learned a lot from the experience. He was in great demand as the potential adopters were lining up for a chance to take him home.  The decision was not easy, but a great family was chosen, and Holy Smoke has been adopted!