Thumbelina is a 6 year old miniature mare who stands about 32".   She was part of a group surrendered a few years ago in very poor condition. They were allowed to inbreed and had no human attention.  Thumbelina was a product of this and has some conformational defects often found in miniatures with dwarfism.  While she is not technically a dwarf mini, she does have some malformation of her legs and spine.  For this reason she is not a good candidate to be trained for riding, driving or jumping.  As she has matured, she is showing some signs of back pain and may require chiropractic care or anti imflammatories to keep her more comfortable.  Most times, Thumbelina is a playful and very energetic little girl, telling us that she is loving life and is happy to gallop around her paddock.

Thumbelina's new family should have some horse experience, and be looking for a fun companion and pet.