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Whisper is a 13 year old Paint mare, standing about 14.3 hh.  She is a very special case and has been with us for a few years now.  Whisper came to us when her owner was incarcerated, he sent a letter asking us to go pick her up.  We found Whisper was being fed, but had been born on the property and had very little positive interaction with humans.  She was very aggressive and untouchable.  It took Whisper over a year just to be comfortable with being haltered and touched.  She has been to many different trainers who all made an impression and progress, but still, Whisper is not an easy horse with whom to gain her trust.

Our resident trainer, Hanna Blain, has developed a special relationship with Whisper and has taught her skills we never thought she would be capable of.  Standing for the farrier, liberty training, and even being ridden lightly are some of her accomplishments. Expected from most horses, but huge milestones for Whisper.

We are offering Whisper for adoption to only a very special adopter.  One who has no expectations of making her a riding horse, in case she cant do that in the end, one who is confident, and quiet, and persistent, and wont take no for an answer!  One who wants the small victories and enjoys training a horse for its own comfort and well being, not necessarily for a job. We know this is a tall order, but somewhere out there, Whisper's perfect person exists!  

Whisper is sound and has no special health needs.  She is not aggressive to other horses and respects fence well.  


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