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Raveman is a miniature horse adopted though Begin Again Horse Rescue.  When he was surrendered, he was in need of gelding before becoming adoptable.  After gelding and adoption, Raveman has succeeded as a local show horse, ambassador of the rescue, and loving pet.  In celebration of the ASPCA 2016 Help A Horse Day, Begin Again Horse Rescue developed this program to financially assist in the gelding of other stallions to prevent the unnecessary breeding of unwanted horses and to help the horse become more trainable and useful in his lifetime.

In 2019, Begin Again Horse Rescue became aware of the many horses who suffer due to ailments or age and the owner’s cannot afford a proper euthanasia to let their horses pass peacefully.  BAHR voted to include euthanasia into this fund to help more horses be happy and comfortable before and after the Rainbow Bridge.

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Raveman began this fund by making appearances at local feed stores to raise awareness, along with his dedicated adopter, Tami Moore.  A coloring contest for children was held, starring a cartoon Raveman, and prizes were awarded at our Open House Horse Fair.  An online photo contest to find the Upstate NY Gelding of the Year funded the initial account to make this assistance possible.  


If you would like to contribute to Raveman’s Gelding Crusade, please use the DONATE button on our webpage.  Make a note on your donation to designate it is for the Gelding Assistance Program.

Applications for the Raveman’s Gelding Crusade will continue to be accepted as funds are available.  To find out the requirements of eligibility and how to apply, please use the link below to download the application form.

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