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Adoption Protocols

Adopting a horse does not need to be a long, drawn out process.  We have tried to make it as simple as we can, while still protecting the futures of our horses.


To be eligible for adoption, the horse must be housed within two hours of Begin Again Horse Rescue in Lima, NY.  We apologize to those interested who live farther away, however, this policy is to protect the future well being and safety of all our horses.


*Submit an application for completion, you do not need to have a chosen horse to submit, we will hold applications for a year while you wait to see a horse that interests you.

*Once you see a horse available for adoption on the website, contact us by phone, email, or messenger to make an appointment to meet/ride the horse.

*A minimum of two appointments are required for riding horses to ensure a good match.  One appointment is required for companion only horses, but you may visit as often as you like.

*When all requirements are met and a good match is made, a BAHR volunteer will visit the prospective home to check for safety and suitability.  

*Transportation is the responsibility of the adopter, although we have a list of reccomended shippers that you can hire.

*Each horse will come with a halter/lead a folder including feeding instructions and health record, and a small bucket of feed to transition gradually.

Our application can be found by clicking on this link. 

Please print out and mail to P.O. Box 28  Honeoye, NY 14471 or email to Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

Upon completing all the required steps to adoption, the adopter must sign our contract, which is called a permanent lease agreement.  You can read this contract by following this link. 

* Please note that the adoption fees listed on this site are non refundable.  This is not a purchase price, but a donation to the rescue so we may continue the work we do of rescuing horses at risk of neglect, abuse, and possible slaughter.  Most often, the fee is less than the rescue has spent in the rehabilitation of each horse.

 * If at any time the horse is not suitable for its intended purpose, or the horse is no longer wanted or can be cared for, it is required to be returned to the rescue.  Horses may never be sub leased, sold, or given away.

* Adopters must be willing to allow annual visits from a BAHR volunteer to check in on the horse.

Before You Submit an Adoption Application...

People often ask “Will I be approved to adopt a horse from BAHR”?  There are a couple of facets to that question.  You may have the perfect farm and stellar references that we would be thrilled for any of our horses to spend their lives with you.  The other side to the question is something only you can answer. While we process your application, please take a minute to process what we’re saying below to be sure that adopting a rescue is right for you.

If you come to adopt with an open heart, wanting to join with a living creature and share a life with them, then possibly you’ll find your equine friend.  If you come to adopt expecting the perfect horse with no issues, then you will not be as likely to find your equine friend.

The horses we and others rescue, by and large, are in need of rescue because someone else has given up on them. For whatever reason, through their own fault or not, they are both literally and figuratively abandoned. Sometimes they have fear issues; sometimes they have never lived a normal loving life; and sometimes they are just fine and need another home because of problems their people are facing. Regardless of why they land at BAHR, they need you to be committed in the right way.

You may want to reconsider adoption if you don’t expect to put time and energy and money into working with a rescue horse. You will most likely need to hire a trainer. You will most likely endure problems in the beginning as the horse adjusts to a totally new life. Those problems might be evasive behavior, kicking, depression or even biting. Change is not always easy for horses. It is important to have patience and tolerance for understanding life from their perspective. They will not be perfect. Neither are any of us when we do something new.  There also may be medical issues that we cannot see which means you may have to spend money you didn’t expect to spend.  Please remember, you are not buying a shiny new car, you are rescuing a living, breathing equine that needs care. All of us at BAHR have given our hearts, souls and wallets to insure these horses leave healthy, happy and ready for a new life but, there are no guarantees.  If you want perfection, you may find it in your rescue horse, but they almost always come with some “baggage”.  The only way to get exactly what you want may be to purchase a colt or filly from a reputable breeder that will provide a guarantee.

If you come to adopt understanding that the love in the hearts of these horses is tremendous and unparalleled.  When you connect with them,  you will gain a new perspective. If you can imagine what it feels like to be misunderstood your whole life, not wanted and not cared for properly, then imagine what it is like for someone to finally care enough to put the time into giving you what you need. That is why rescue horses often bond so deeply and so strongly when they find their person. Finally, someone understands who they are and what they are here to give to people. 

Rescue is really about YOU being rescued. About YOU digging deeper into your heart to work through whatever comes up, to unconditionally love an animal that is willing to unconditionally love you. If we all have a chance in life to truly experience the joy of real love between two beings, then possibly the human race has a chance to be rescued. It takes effort and hard work sometimes, to find real joy.  That is what we are looking for in adopters who come to the BAHR; people who are here for the right reason.

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