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Foster Protocols

There are times when the rescue facility is full and we cannot accept all the horses in need of our assistance.  If you find you have the space and time to dedicate to a rescue horse, but cannot commit a lifetime to the horse, this may be an option for you!  Temporarily fostering a horse can make it more adoptable in the future, especially if you have the skills to improve its socialization, training, and health.  By becoming a temporary foster home, you create more space at the rescue so we can help more horses find their forever homes! Temporary Foster Homes typically last for 3-6 months unless the horse is adopted sooner.

Begin Again Horse Rescue agrees to pay all veterinary expenses on foster horses, but the foster home accepts responsibility for the routine care and supplies the horse requires.  Foster homes must fill out an application, be approved with a farm visit and sign a liability release.  While horses are in temporary foster care, they remain available for adoption and the foster caregiver must make the horse available to be seen by potential adopters.

Another foster option applies to horses who are considered geriatric companions and are not highly adoptable.  In this case the foster home agrees to care for the horse for the rest of their days.  These horses are not listed as available for adoption and the foster homes commit to the end of life care they may require. The terms of financial responsibility are the same as those of a temporary foster home.

To apply to be a foster home, please fill out this application and return to BAHR.  If approved, we will ask you to sign the foster agreement, linked below.

Foster With Intent to Adopt

If you wish to adopt a horse, but want to make sure the horse is right for you in your home, we offer this option.  It is a 30 day foster agreement, at which time the horse’s availability is put on hold.  At the end of the 30 days, you may return the horse or complete the adoption.  We want every horse to be happy and safe in every home we choose for them, just as much as you want to be happy with your horse!

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