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Olaf is a grade pony who is about 15 years old and 13.2 hh.  He is a sturdy built guy and quite sound and healthy with no special physical needs.  Olaf came from auction with Amish road shoes, so we assume he was trained to drive, but he has not been harnessed up here.  He has been saddled and bridled, lunged at walk, trot and canter, even over little cross rails!  However, he is very nervous about mounting and has been known to have an explosive buck, as reported by his previous owner.  So his riding evaluations have gone no further and we cannot say he is ready to be ridden quite yet.  He is generally well mannered on the ground, good with vet, farrier and most any time of care.  

Olaf has some behavioral issues we are still investigating.  He seems very distracted by mares and will exhibit aggressive behavior around them.  He has offered to kick at times, so no novices or children, please.  He is currently pastured very well with another gelding, but does not share a fenceline with mares.  Otherwise Olaf can be a complete gentleman and obviously has some good past training.  We will continue working with Olaf to improve these behaviors while he is with us.

If you have a lonely gelding in need of a pasture pony, Olaf could be a good fit for you!  If you are an experienced, small statured horse person looking for a project pony, this could be your diamond in the rough!


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